About Leo

Leo Beas’ academic background and natural inclinations have led him to become the kind of journalist and entrepreneur who provides independent, accurate, and comprehensive information to the world.

Leo was born and raised in Stockton, California. Graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in four years.

Leo works with CowbellKingdom.com as the Managing Editor. He previously worked for Silver and Blue Sports, ESPN Deportes 1570 AM, and the Nevada Sagebrush, as well as interning at Univision. He also freelanced for the Reno Gazette Journal.

Aware that the mediascape is rapidly adapting to innovations brought on by the digital age, Leo long ago decided not to specialize in a single medium (print, broadcast, online), but in all the communication means now at our disposal.

He is as proficient at shooting video as he is at developing and writing stories, as proficient at conducting on-camera interviews as he is at covering breaking sports news, and he is equally at home with Adobe Premiere and WordPress as he is with social media and mobile computing.

What is more, since Leo is bilingual in English and Spanish, he can do all of these things in either language.

Prior to admittance to the University, Leo experienced his share of adversity. The school of hard knocks of his early years only made him stronger. It also made him more appreciative of the resources available to him at the University. He used those resources, among other things, to produce the first weekly televised show—made by and for UNR students—the Brush Up. That was a complete success and it became an official course at the Reynolds School of Journalism.

The legendary Jerry Reynolds and I

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