This project was intense to say the least but gosh am I glad I did it because I learned how to use three very useful programs that will help me in my career moving forward.

The message I’m trying to convey in my magazine cover is failure leading to success. I think I did a solid job in doing so. The picture I used in the front is very strong and the back cover picture basically sums up what the ideal ending for a student athlete should be.

I was targeting male student athletes and coaches ages 16-34. My main lead-in was fall six times and stand up the seventh. That is a something many student athletes have done because without facing adversity in life, how will you become better and experienced?

The dark background and bright text I used really made the message clear and concise for people critiquing my project.

I already had a background with Photoshop but adding InDesign and Illustrator to my repute, it may just elevate my resume to another level.

I am very proud how I finished this process after a slow start but like it says in my quote: “I live by two things: Discipline and Preparation.”


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