1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe

Michael Hughes and his “Pursuit Special”

It’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday and there is a sound louder than a group of lions roaring for their food. An immaculate black car pulling in at the Mustang Plus show with a Weiand Nostalgia Blower and the driver on the right side inspired people to pull out their cell phones and take pictures of this amazing car.

As people approached the car, they noticed headlight covers, fiberglass front fenders, a police siren on the dashboard and a “Pursuit Special” bronze emblem on the fender. Then a man shouts out “No way! It’s Mad Max’s pursuit special.”

Mad Max is a 1979 Australian action film that tells a story of love and revenge. It was directed by George Miller —starring Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky, better known as “Mad Max.”

Rockatansky is offered the black “Pursuit Special” as an incentive to stay on the police force as their top pursuit man after he reveals his desire to quit. Even though Max turns the offer down, he later uses the black car to get his revenge on an outlaw motorcycle gang who killed his wife and child.

The sight of this movie car left people enamored. The owner of the car proudly got out and smiled as a large crowd gathered trying to ask him questions about the car.

What A Beauty

This car is a movie copy correct vehicle of the one used in Mel Gibson’s first Mad Max.  It was not used in that film, but this car has been featured in Mad Max – A Wasteland Tale recently shot in the Mojave Desert and has been in an Art Mann interview on AXS TV.  It was also used in a rock music video yet to be released and will be in an upcoming video to be shot in mid December called Mad Max – Road Furies, release date unknown.

“The experiences with this car are too many to remember,” said Michael Hughes, owner of the vehicle.  “It is my dream car and I have always wanted this car. Many people ask me how I got this car and I usually answer with one word— persistence. You really have to want something like this enough to follow through with the task of achieving it.”

This year, the car has won 8 awards total—First Place Specialty Interest Vehicle at the Mustang Plus show in April, the Niles Canyon in May for Best Pipes and overall show car that was most “Bad to the Bone” in NCMC . First Place Specialty Police Vehicle in the Cops and Rodders in Scotts Valley and most “Definitely Different” in Napa Calif. and 3 other awards. But most recently, first place at Mustangs Plus show in October.

People cheered when Hughes car was named first place. As he walked up the stage to receive his trophy, an older gentleman shouted, “You have a perfect car! It’s not fair,” with a smile on his face.

“Actually, I don’t think this car is in perfect shape,” Hughes said.  “Perfect shape is a goal to be reached but most classic car owners will never say their car is in perfect shape no matter how perfect it is because a perfect car is an illusion we all chase.”

Even though there were many other beautiful classic cars, the 1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe, exclusively built in Australia, stole the show.

As the “Pursuit Special” left from the Mustang Plus show, it became clear as its blower roared over the other 100 plus Mustangs on the street. With the end in sight, rubber and exhaust fumes filled the air. One couldn’t help have a nostalgic feeling fill their body as the sunset and these beasts roared away.


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